Who am I?

My name is Pedro Luis Ferreira. I was born in Portugal in the year 1976, in the city of Porto.

I am the middle child with an older sister and a 11 years old younger brother. My father is a carpenter and my mother was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home and raise us.

I am a proud father and husband and consider myself to be a lucky person in a crazy, rapidly evolving world.

What do I do?

I am a software developer, and I have been doing it professionally since the year 2000.

I always had the passion for computers. I used to be amazed on the fact that those boxes could react to user input and change the behaviour of images on a screen.

It all started when I was 12 with frequent visits to a neighbour of mine, an owner of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, where we would spend hours playing games, I was curious on how those virtual characters were being controlled.

To be honest, I always used to dismantle all toys and gadgets when I was younger just to try to understand how they operate, but in computers it was different. The instructions were not mechanical and we could not see anything.

That is, until we start understanding code…

Where Do I live?

My family and I are currently living in the UK, where we rent a little house in the south of England.

We love this country for what it gave us. An opportunity to thrive and progress in our careers… However I can’t deny the fact that we miss our country.

I guess we miss the sun, the people, the food… But mainly we miss our family. It is hard to be away…
Maybe we can go back someday… Maybe…



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