4Adventure – My first PHP Project

Project Description

One of my hobbies has always been motorcycles. I rode them for over a decade and used it to commute to work everyday. But, obviously, I also used them to have some fun with friends.

Those friends, who used to ride together, formed a group which became to be known as 4Adventure. The main goal was to arrange and plan motorcycle trips. The name suited us quite well, as there were four of us, and we were going on some nice adventures.

In one of those adventures, the group decided to arrange a trip from Portugal to Morocco. Just a couple of days, so we wouldn’t be able to see the whole country, but we wanted to have a taste of it.

At the end of those days, we were to go back to Faro, where the annual motorcycle gathering was going to take place.

Because we already had some experiences that got logged only in memory, I immediately volunteered to log this event on a website, so we could show it to our friends and family, but also, because this was the perfect excuse for me to apply my knowledge of PHP, which I was starting to learn.

Technology Stack

The website was built using PHP. No frameworks were used and the code uses lots of custom made classes that were done, gathering the best practices gathered with friends and online searches and tutorials.

The front end used jQuery, it also used TinyMCE as a WYSIWYG editor for allowing writing articles in the admin area.


You can see a running demo of this project in this link.

Some features need improvement such as the admin area, and also the calendar section. Unfortunately, some years have gone by, and I lost the latest versions of the code, and therefore lost those improvements as well.


Link for Github Repo

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