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Project Description

Lighting Controls is a British based company focused on Lighting Controls modules that allow automation and computer controlled lighting structures and buildings.

The project consisted in implementing a web based frontend for the existing TCP-IP modules, also called Area ControllersThose Area Controllers act as an inter-floor or inter-zonal connection controller that offer excellent functionality and flexibility. They also provide interfaces to Fire Alarms, BMS systems and other control systems.

The frontend would allow the communication with the Area controllers through direct user interaction to allow the sending of DALI commands, but also for the periodical retrieval of status information, triggered by cronjobs.

The information would be stored and reported via the frontend. Those reports would be either via a textual or graphical (charts) way.

Technology Stack

The project is build using PHP and Yii framework.

Scheduled tasks would be executed with windows batch files.

The website uses a plugin from Autodesk to allow the display and interaction with CAD files that represent the structure of the buildings. However due to proprietary software limitations, it is not possible to use this plugin in any browser other than Internet Explorer.

Javascript, jQuery are also present, and amCharts is the javascript library used for displaying the charts.

For the deployment of the application Inno Setup was used, as this would allow for the automation of tasks specific for Windows environments, where this project was supposed to execute.


You can see a running demo of this project in this link.

Due to the previously mentioned technical limitations the display of the main page can only be done through Internet Explorer. Also you would be required to have installed the following plugin from AutoDesk.

For the remaining use of the website, those requirements do not apply.

For access to the application use the following credentials:

User: user
Password: pass


Link for Github Repo


Company website