My very first website

Project description

A simple static HTML website. That was my very first project to go live. Technology wise it’s definitely not my best achievement, but it does have some nostalgic value to it.

I had done HTML pages before, some of them even with small flash animations. However this was the first one to be shown publicly.

I was contacted through a friend of mine who had someone he knew who wanted a very simple website. Something he could have online, mainly so that his company would not be without an online presence. The company was a small mortuary located in Porto, Portugal.

“A few set of pages, as contacts, about and a small catalogue would be enough” – I was told. “None of those fancy stuff.”. The main goal was to make it clean, simple and cheap.

Technology Stack

As said before, the website was made of simple HTML 4 pagesĀ and some CSS. No javascript was required and no server side processing was needed.



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