• Build my own Arcade Machine Pacman game

    I grew up during the golden age of arcades. Arcade Saloons were everywhere and people used to go to them to spend time with friends, playing arcades, snooker or even darts. It was the 80’s and 90’s and I was 15 yo. I remember my mother gave me my lunch money every Monday for the whole week, and I would spend it all on the first day, playing arcades near my school. I am not proud of it… So in a nostalgia moment I decided to build my own.

  • Motorcycles Motorcycle Clipart

    Anyone who knows me, knows I love motorcycles. No matter what type of motorcycle is or what size the engine has. It doesn’t even matter if it runs on petrol, diesel(?) or electric. I just love them.

  • Sports – a health improving hobby

    I have always been an active person. Always did lots of different sports, however, I never competed in any of them. I just enjoyed doing them.
    I believe sports gave me a lot through my life. Either discipline, self-control, physical and mental endurance but also the team building spirit when playing with other people.
    I believe that we need to train our minds but also our bodies because we need them both in order to live a healthy life.