Motorcycle Clipart

Anyone who knows me, knows I love motorcycles. No matter what type of motorcycle is or what size the engine has. It doesn’t even matter if it runs on petrol, diesel(?) or electric. as long as they have 2 wheels I just love them.

It’s something about the way you ride them, leaning in the curves, the balance you need to keep at all times. The feeling of the insecurity and the thrill of¬†overcoming it. The lightness of the vehicle when compared to cars.

The fact that you are not enclosed in a metal cage (although that can be handy for rainy days) and are free to look and feel the air and your surroundings.

It’s the fact that you just sit on them, and ride, without having to get in, buckle the seat belt, engage reverse to manoeuvre, look through tiny windows to try and see if you’re about to hit something and only them you can drive…

It’s the traffic filtering, the fact that you don’t have to deal with complicated people in front of you in traffic, the fact that you don’t have to wait for more than once for the traffic light to go green… I got in way less road rage incidents ever since I started riding motorcycles.

When parking, you just point the motorcycle to where you want it and that’s it. No hassle for looking for parking places, setting your car into cramped spaces and head to the nearest parking machine, digging in your pockets for spare change, so you can get a pay and display ticket to stick in your dashboard and keep track of how long you are allowed to rest until rushing back to the vehicle and do it again.

I guess I could be here for hours, stating why I like them so much, but I will just let you appreciate some of the photos I got from some of my previous motorcycles.

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