• Portuguese Armed Forces description Portuguese Military Coat of Arms

    Portuguese armed forces are divided into 3 main branches. Air-Force, Navy and Army. Each of these branches has it’s own special forces group. In this post I will try to explain how these are organised in a very simple way

  • My Career as a Paratrooper Escola Tropas AeroTransportadas Coat Of Arms

    I joined the Army paratroopers special forces because I wanted to be part of the elite soldiers. I believe that if may other could do it, so could I. It was also one of the biggest challenges and tests I had imposed myself, and I wanted to know how I would cope with that.
    I endured a lot of mental and physical hardships, as I recognise it definitely wasn’t an easy path, but I learned a lot from it and made friends for life. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t think twice.

  • Moments to remember

    Some photos of me, my platoon, my Company, my Batallion, the Units I have been part of, the training we received, the environment we lived in.