Personal Projects

In here you will find some of the projects I have worked with in my spare time. I will try to post the github repository, as some online demos when possible

  • Modules – a study on Javascript Module Definition

    “Good authors divide their books into chapters and sections; good programmers divide their programs into modules. Like a book chapter, modules are just clusters of words (or code, as the case may be). Good modules, however, are highly self-contained with distinct functionality, allowing them to be shuffled, removed, or added as necessary, without disrupting the system as a whole.”
    This could be a nice explanation on what are modules. This project tries to explore javascript module definition.

  • Spider – Hackathon Project

    Hackathon projects are events, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. These events were actively promoted whilst working at NCC Group. During one of those events, we decided to do a visualisation tool that would allow the representation of a webpage component requests plotted into a map. That way we could have a glimpse of the effort it takes to serve a single web page.

  • A study on Javascript Promises

    This project is a study on Javascript promises.
    A javascript promise represents the eventual result of an asynchronous operation. It is a placeholder into which the successful result value or reason for failure will materialize.
    This project resulted from lessons obtained in order to perfect my coding capabilities in javascript promises both in ES6 and Angular Q.

  • Lighting Controls – Automatic Lighting software

    The project consisted in implementing a web based frontend for the existing TCP-IP modules, also called Area Controllers. Those Area Controllers act as an inter-floor or inter-zonal connection controller that offer excellent functionality and flexibility. They also provide interfaces to Fire Alarms, BMS systems and other control systems.

  • Android – A study on Google’s Platform

    This project is a study on building native Android apps using Java. Most of the apps are simple apps, with the purpose of covering only a very specific topic. These are not finalised apps and serve no purpose other than the study of it.
    The final app is a Weather app, with a launcher Widget. In it I tried to concentrate all the lessons learned into a final, complete project.

  • DEI PESTI (AppTour) – End of Degree Thesis

    The AppTour project is an academic, end of degree thesis, which goal is to provide real time information to tourists, when visiting a location.
    The idea is to provide information that is usually dispersed on the Internet as well as the one that can be provided through partners in a centralised way, pretty much as an indexer, but focusing on the categories considered to be relevant for tourism.
    It also tries to provide Information that is relevant when queried by filtering and simplifying the vast Information that exists and bringing to the user only the one that is relevant at the time and place where he is.

  • DEI Alumni – 3D Game

    DEI Alumni is an academic group project that involved 4 people and tried to cover several distinct technical areas for a launch of a 3D game into the market.
    Those areas would involve the development of the game itself, using 3D technology, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the game mechanics, a website for content distribution and a monitoring platform.

  • DEI Labirinto – A study on OpenGL

    DEI Labirinto is an academic OpenGL 3D game
    The purpose of this project is to get an introduction on OpenGL.
    The game consists in a simple maze where a character (Homer Simpson) is placed and where it has to find and collect several items.

  • IDEI Biblio – ASP.NET online book store

    IDEI Biblio is an academic ASP.NET Project for a online book store
    This is an academic project with the goal to implement an online book store and allow users to perform purchases. The company is called IDEI Biblio and is focused on the sale of books and magazines.

  • 4Adventure – My first PHP Project

    One of my hobbies has always been motorcycles. I rode them for over a decade and used it to commute to work, but also to have some fun with friends.
    A group of those friends, who used to ride together, formed a group which became to be known as 4Adventure. The main goal was to arrange and plan for motorcycle trips. I immediately volunteered to log these events on a website

  • My very first website

    A simple static HTML website. That was my very first project to go live. Technology wise it’s definitely not my best achievement, but it does have some nostalgic value to it.
    I had done HTML pages before, some of them even with small flash animations. However this was the first one to go live.