Technical Skills

In this page I will try to show you a visualisation of my technical skills and my proficiency in those.

This chart is intended as a visualisation tool, it has only the major languages / tools used and lacks common day tools as IDEs, specific applications or protocols.

I have scored my proficiency based on a 0-100 scale, where the values would mean something along the following lines:

  • 0: I never had any contact with the technology;
  • 5 – 10: I had very little contact with it, or I have heard and seen it somewhere;
  • 20 -30: I had some sort of exposure to it and may already have developed some work but some help is sometimes needed;
  • 40 – 50: I can work with it and be independent, however I feel like I need some more experience in order to deliver results at a professional level;
  • 60 – 70: I am able to deliver good quality code and present final solutions, although I believe I have room to grow;
  • 80 – 90: I am extremely comfortable with it, I can work with the technology without any hesitations and I am able to deliver top notch results;
  • 100: I am a guru with it. There’s nothing I don’t know about it and I feel there is nothing else for me to learn from it (I guess this is never really possible, but anyway);

If you feel there is some technology that should be here, or you are curious about it, just let me know. Use the comments section below and I will try to reply as soon as possible.


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